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Software Test Automation Engineer for CelticQA Solution, Fergal Crawley provided an in-depth demonstration and discussion webinar for the Level 5 and 6 Software Development students of Monaghan Institute.

On Tuesday 8th March the MI Software Development students joined a 1 to 1 webinar with CelticQA solutions. As the students prepare to complete their end of year exams in college and they are all considering their options for the future, they received a comprehensive walk-through of the Software Testing industry.

Fergal Crawley Senior Software Test Automation Engineer for CelticQA Solution, outlined the review requirements and methodology to build test plans and test cases, detailing the test query development and testing parameters from a live sample of the work, which CelticQA are currently implementing. Fergal detailed how the reporting and real-time status on quality assurance processes was fundamental for successful software development allowing for performance testing and mitigation of risk as projects scale and evolve.

Discussing and providing examples of the applications used in the industry; Selenium, Ranorek Studio, Cucumber. Fergal and Tony Sherry CTO of CelticQA outlined the onboarding process which is involved for any new member of the CelticQA Software Testing teams and the continuous integration to projects as CelticQA work on multiple projects simultaneously, new team members would become introduced to process of testing and good practices for industry. Leading to additional upskilling opportunities for certification specific and relevant to Software Testing and the applications used.

Emphasising that although a background in IT or Software is not essential to become a Software Tester, the modules covered within Monaghan Institute Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development courses would ensure a strong understanding of Software Architecture and Coding structure, Object Oriented programming fundamentals, along with Database structure and hierarchy for test processing and parameters.

Some Level 5 and 6 Software Development learners at MI

Some of the feedback received from the students of Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development at the conclusion of the Webinar included:

“It was very interesting to hear about the software and how test automation works with the data driven and how big companies use it.”

“There was a very interesting international dimension to the work.”

“Well structured examples of workplace practice, how they manage the files and the structure and the accountability for professional conduct. I liked the way he answered questions by using examples of previous work”

“I would now consider software testing as a possible industry to go to, it was very interesting that it is something that is outsourced.”

Tony Sherry then concluded the meeting with an overview of the opportunities available in the Software Testing industry and how CelticQA Solutions are continuing to work from home across multiple teams and international borders with links to America, while their staff are in Dundalk, Monaghan and all over Ireland, with continuing support from weekly stand-up meetings and cohesive team building.

The Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development Students of Monaghan Institute along with their Course Coordinators Ray Quinn ( and Fergal Sherry ( would like to extend their appreciation to Tony and Fergal of CelticQA for the excellent webinar presentation and taking the time to provide the learners a clear insight and pathways to their chosen industry.

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