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Inspirational 3D Artist James Brady from Clones, shares his insight and experience of the Games Design Industry with Level 5 and 6 Software Development in Monaghan Institute.

On Tuesday 15th March, industry experienced freelance artist James Brady who has worked on many popular game titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Dying Light 2, Halo Infinite and Poker Stars VR. Shared his knowledge and experience of working within the triple A (AAA) Games Design Industry and the Indie Game development market.

James started by introducing himself and detailing how he developed his skillset to gain employment within the 3D Games Design industry. The initial steps into working with such worldwide companies as Epic Games, New World Interactive, and Monochrome, all started with fine tuning his skills on a personal learning journey using software available for students such as Unreal Engine, Blender, 3DS Max. James explained how focusing on what he wanted to achieve and defining his ambition helped him to enhance the skills to develop a portfolio, which would interest professionals already in the industry.

James has much of his portfolio available on his website and this is what acted as such an inspiration for the Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development students of Monaghan Institute, as they could easily identify all the assets and elements of the Games they regularly play.

James advised that to gain valuable initial experience within the industry it helps to start within a junior role, such as a Games Tester, Junior Art Roles or Quality Assurance to learn how studios operate and also to help find your niche. You can then engage with some of the industry specialist training online with sites such as Rookies Art School that helps you find the perfect creative media to help you achieve your specialist. Noting that it is important to focus and specialise rather than try to be a generalist in the industry. Keep in alignment with the company or industry you want to join.

While the Software development courses in Monaghan Institute do not specialise in 3D Games Design at Level 5 and Level 6, many of the skills and learning developed through modules such as Maths for IT help with understanding Geometry, Vectors, 3D concepts and the Games Analysis and Design module will further help with demonstrating skillset for showing your portfolio through and interactive Game Design Engine. Furthermore, the critical skills of communication, interpersonal and project management are vital for working within and industry, which is worldwide and often involves working across different time zones and projects often requiring 15-hour days and crunch sessions for Games completion and publication.

As the Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development Students of Monaghan Institute are due to complete their final exams in the coming weeks, James advised them to invest some time in learning Unreal Engine 5 for 3D Games Design, learn modelling, texture, 3D content, wire meshing, Zbrush with a Wacom tablet if available, Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Substance painter and Photoshop. Join online forums and network with people in the industry who will provide constructive feedback, such as Polycount forum, this is a great help to improve your style and systems of work.

If anyone is interested in more information please contact and we can share details. James Brady 3D Artist concluded his meeting with the Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development students of Monaghan Institute by encouraging them to consider the industry, develop their skills and reach out to him if they would like to know more or how to access the industry. As we have moved towards a remote working environment following the Covid adjustments, it is possible to work from Monaghan or anywhere in Ireland and create worldwide. James is an inspiration and prime example of this.

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