A Day to Remember for Monaghan Institute Creative Media Students

Monaghan Institute’s Creative Media students rounded off the year with an unforgettable experience touring a TOP SECRET film set in Monaghan with Deadpan Pictures for their upcoming comedy-drama series ‘Video Nasty’. From meeting industry pros to seeing the magic of filmmaking up close, it was a great adventure. Our future …

Date: 22/05/2024 / Author:

Monaghan Institute’s “Metre of Meadow” Initiative Flourishes

Monaghan Institute’s dedication to environmental matters continues to grow with the success of its “Metre of Meadow” initiative. Launched in May 2023, this project has transformed sections of the campus into vibrant wildflower spaces, fostering biodiversity and enhancing the beauty of the institute’s surroundings. The ‘Metre of Meadow’ challenges schools …

Date: 13/05/2024 / Author: