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Animal Welfare Class At Monaghan Institute

Sam Rochford, from Navan Birds of Prey, visited Monaghan Institute recently. He presented a beautiful display of birds, which included a Raven, a Buzzard, six Owls, a Harris Hawk and two Ferrets, to the Level 5 Animal Care group. This encounter was part of the Animal Welfare module.

Sam talked to the students about how he cared for these birds from feeding requirements to how he flies them. He spoke about the decline of the Barn owl with an estimated population of 500 left in the country. He said that both habitat destruction and the use of poisons, are the reasons these birds are in decline. He said that when mice and rats are poisoned these birds eat them and indirectly they get poisoned. Sam’s take home message to the students was to use snap traps to control rodents as opposed to poisons.

The students really enjoyed listening to Sam’s wealth of knowledge and ability to handle the birds. We look forward to welcoming Sam and his birds back to Monaghan Institute next year.