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COVID-19: Online Examination Timetable 2020

Further to the Taoiseach’s latest announcement on Friday 10 April 2020, Monaghan Institute will remain closed until further notice.  All teaching and assessment  leading to QQI awards will be online/remote for the rest of this academic year.    

What is happening with MI examinations 2020?   

Our traditional end of year, college-based, written examinations will be replaced by alternative assessments. In the majority of cases, this means online exams, Moodle quizzes, and project/ assignment work, all of which will be completed remotely. 

Why is it important for these alternative assessments to take place?   

Alternative assessments will ensure that learners get to complete their awards as planned, as we are very aware that many have applied for CAO/UCAS places and are anxious to have results in this assessment period, to have the opportunity to be offered college/university places this Autumn.  In addition, MI learners have submitted the majority of their course work already, so it makes sense to aim for completion rather than postponing indefinitely.   

When will my alternative assessment take place?   

The ‘MI Online Examination Timetable 2020’ has been issued to all learners via their college email . Please take note of your examination dates and continue to connect with your tutors in preparation for these assessments.  

How should I prepare for the alternative assessments?   

It is essential that learners continue to keep up studies/revision and to check college email regularly for contacts from tutors in relation to alternative assessments. Your tutors will notify you regarding the techniques being implemented for your modules and offer you the opportunity to complete a practice run, if deemed necessary.    

What if I cannot complete the alternative assessment at the specified date/time?   

We are hopeful that the alternative assessments will suit the majority of learners but acknowledge that in the current unprecedented situation some learners may be:   

  • Experiencing access to technology/wi-fi issues    
  • Unwell or caring for someone who is sick    

If your situation falls under the above categories, you should communicate the issues to your tutor as soon as possible and  before 5pm Tuesday 22 April.    

We acknowledge that it has been a challenging time since our closure on 12 March. We thank all MI Learners for their continued flexibility, co-operation and patience and wish you the very best of luck in your upcoming alternative  assessments.