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COVID-19: MI Examinations 2020

Monaghan Institute will remain physically closed to students until at least 19 April, 2020. Our primary objective is to protect the health and well-being of all staff and learners and we will continue to adhere to all public health advice.  We have been planning for and have put contingencies in place to deal with a closure of longer duration. 

If faced with a prolonged closure, which is looking more and more likely, our traditional end of year, college-based, written examinations would not be able go ahead this May.  Our plans are that exams would instead be replaced by alternative assessments, which would be submitted at different stages during the 3-4 weeks after the Easter break.

Alternative assessments will ensure that learners get to complete their awards as planned, as we are very aware that many have applied for CAO/UCAS places and are anxious to have results in this examination period, to have the opportunity to be offered college/university places this Autumn.

The alternative assessment details will be communicated to learners as quickly as we can. In the majority of cases, this means the replacement of examinations with online exams, Moodle quizzes, and project/assignment work, all of which will be completed remotely.  We know it is a very anxious time for learners but please be assured that we are doing everything possible to address this challenge in as fair, robust and practical a way as possible, to ensure learners are not disadvantaged.

This is a fast-moving situation, and work will continue on planning to deal with the emerging issues.  Learners should keep all communication channels open to ensure that they are up to date with developments.  It is essential that learners continue to keep up studies/revision and to check college email regularly for contacts from our examination team and tutors in relation to timetabling of alternative assessments.

We acknowledge that this has been a challenging few weeks since our closure on 12 March. We thank all MI Learners for their continued flexibility, co-operation and patience with our efforts in providing online and remote alternatives to teaching, learning and assessment.