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Monaghan Institute Connects with Moffett Automated Storage

From conversations to building connections, Monaghan Institute is very proud of our connection with Moffett Automated Storage.

On 15th November 2018 Sam Moffett, the Managing Director of Moffett Automated Storage, visited Monaghan Institute to have a conversation about identifiable skillset requirements from MoffettAS. On 29th November 2018 Monaghan Institute Level 5 Software Development students visited the MoffettAS research design and development site in Clontibret Co. Monaghan. We met with Joonas Ryynänen Director of Software Engineering and Adam Montgomery Operations, Manager.

In 2018 Moffett Automated Storage was a new company having been founded in 2017. Joonas provided an insight into the Algorithmic problem solving that MoffettAS encounter in developing their solutions and provided a full overview of the Automation and Warehousing system-based solutions. Sam provided the students with a full tour of the development area and explained the design to production phases with a demonstration of the Moffett AS/R taxi system. The company had a core staff of 4 personnel in 2018.

Monaghan Institute has continued to maintain our connection with Moffett Automated Storage and on Tuesday 10th October 2023 we visited the Clontibret site again with Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development students, Level 5 Engineering Technology Students and Advanced Architectural Technology with 3D CAD students. In total Monaghan Institute had a representation of 45 students with 4 Teaching staff visit the new and rapidly expanding MoffettAS site.

With 60+ staff now working for MoffettAS in a range of roles from Administration, Design and Manufacturing, Software Development, Quality Assurance, System testing and Software Support. Although headquarters is in County Monaghan the MoffettAS workforce is across several European countries with developers working remotely to enhance the solutions provided and their support staff who continue to maintain the reputation for excellent support which MoffettAS has become known.

MoffettAS provide software updates for all their systems each month, constant new system development, front end web-based User Enhanced Interfaces, VPN systems integration, software support 24/7, 365 days per year with support reaction times of under 30 minutes and often preventative support interfacing for failure detection and fault diagnostics to avoid any interference to customer operations.

Due to the large group of visiting students, we had 3 separate tours with Sam, Adam and Ciarán Duffy Support Manager with MoffettAS. The visit included full demonstrations for system development, including the 3D architecture for system design, software system support infrastructure and all elements of engineering manufacture of the AS/R taxi systems and warehouse racking solutions. The students gained an insight into how a small company has rapidly expanded with Sam outlining the benefits of a fully automated system during the Covid pandemic and how the MoffettAS automation systems managed the despatch for PPE nationally while the same despatch system manages warehouses for all types of products from baby food to ice cream and vast warehouse product supplies for fast food outlets, all capable due to the map writing systems which MoffettAS provides as part of its solutions. Adam discussed the onboarding process which MoffettAS offer all new employees helping them to gain a foundation within the company and appreciate the diversity of roles available, proudly explaining his own development within the company from initial concept and design builder of the AS/R Taxi system to support, design and operations manager. The final part of our visit was meeting Conor MacLeod as the Software Support specialist. Conor was a member of the Monaghan Institute student body who first visited MoffettAS in 2018.

Following the initial visit Conor contacted Adam and Sam, requesting Work Experience, his first impression had a lasting impression and Conor is now working with MoffettAS in a highly respected support role and has undertaken many Research and Development projects improving the product and enhancing the service to customers. Conor demonstrated to the students the Machine metrics which form an integral part of the Data analysis for systems support, from battery status and battery cell temperature to speed control, throttle control and timing. The students appreciated the benefits of the modules they are learning with Monaghan Institute Software Development, including Database methods, Maths for IT, Object Oriented Programming and Software Architecture to the level 6 advanced modules of Mobile Technologies and Graphical User Interfaces.

The MoffettAS team all emphasised how local their product is developed, and this includes their workforce, as they continue to expand and enhance their product and service, they are keen to enhance their workforce with local talent and skillset. Maintaining the connection with MoffettAS we are proud to share our links across all the courses available within the college from Software to Engineering and 3D CAD design.

Within Monaghan Institute we offer many of the core skills required to work in an exciting industry such as MoffettAS. Our QQI Level 5 and Level 6 awards enables students to gain the full spectrum of industry relevant learning and soft skills development, which will help them to interact as employees and succeed in the workplace. Upon completion of QQI Level 5 and 6 qualifications, students have the potential and opportunity to go direct to employment or continue to Higher Education in a Technological University (TU) or traditional University route. Furthermore, students can progress to an Apprenticeship pathway direct from their QQI Level 5 and 6 qualifications. Currently MoffettAS are supporting a Monaghan Institute past students on their Apprenticeship journey, and this is another connection we hope to build upon into the future.

Closing our visit Sam, Adam and Ciarán all expressed the ambition of MoffettAS to continue growing as new technologies emerge for their industry and the ongoing commitment of MoffettAS to use local talent and skillset to help them achieve their ambitions and grow with them as part of the MoffettAS team.

The students then received an impromptu end of visit quiz with the Winner Billy Rutledge receiving his MoffettAS teamwear padded jacket, having achieved full marks on all questions and continuing a tradition which was started on our last visit and resulted in the 2022 winner starting an apprenticeship with MoffettAS.

If you would like any further information about any of the courses available at MoffettAS please email or the individual course coordinators:

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