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MI Graduate Awarded MSc in Library Management

Kayleigh McPhelim is a past graduate of Pre-University Arts and chose to study at Monaghan Institute before going straight into an undergraduate degree because she “felt very unprepared for the next phase of education that required skills I didn’t have”. Kayleigh studied Pre-University Arts and still believes it was one of the best decisions she ever made. “Studying Arts at MI gave me skills such as critically analysing work, formatting bibliographies and academic writing which I needed to succeed in my future courses”.  For Kayleigh, attending Monaghan Institute was a steppingstone towards her BA Degree in Digital Humanities from DkIT and following that her MSc in Information and Library Management from Dublin Business School, which she was awarded earlier this year.  According to Kayleigh “I might not have achieved my BA and MSc if I didn’t have that year in MI to help me ease into higher education”. Monaghan Institute would like to take this opportunity to wish Kayleigh all the best in her future career in Library Management.