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Monaghan Institute Students’ Union is of the students and for the students, according to its Vice President Conor McCabe

Embarking on a college course is an exciting undertaking, but like all new endeavors, brings challenges that must be met. Monaghan Institute Students’ Union (MISU) is made up of student representatives, elected by the students. The MISU exists to support and encourage students as they take the early steps towards their future careers.

MISU members together with MI Assistant Principal, Dr. Sinead Corrigan

The Students’ Union is a versatile entity, with many varied functions, providing a myriad of student supports. Firstly, the MISU provides a cohesive voice for the student body, with access to the college’s senior management. The student representatives can bring any concerns a student has to the attention of senior management, via MISU’s two seats on the Board of Management. Likewise, new ideas and suggestions for improvement can be proposed. This gives MI students a real input into what happens on their campus and in their own educational futures.

Further, any student experiencing difficulties – personal, educational or financial – can approach the Students’ Union for advice, in the certain knowledge of a confidential, sympathetic ear.

The Students’ Union also encourages a team spirit within the college, organising social events which help students integrate, to forge new friendships. This ensures that MI students can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding student experience. The MISU has recently arranged a pizza party, bowling at GR8 in Castleblaney, and a table quiz in the college canteen. A Christmas Quiz, a Food Drive for St Vincent de Paul and a computer gaming competition are currently in the process of being organized for the weeks approaching Christmas.

The MISU also organises, manages and promotes the various clubs and societies present within the college throughout the year – these clubs and societies can range from sporting groups – such as Gaelic, soccer or basketball – to more academic or performing focused clubs – such as drama, music, creative writing and book clubs. Clubs and societies are an important part of a student’s year at Monaghan Institute, and it is a function of the MISU to ensure that students can be involved in such an important part of the college’s ethos.

Monaghan Institute’s Students’ Union will always ensure that all students, irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexuality or culture will be treated equally and fairly throughout their student life.

In short, the MISU is of the students and for the students, working through its student representatives to make the student journey a happy, rewarding and memorable experience.

Conor McCabe MISU Vice President