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MI Graduate creates industry links for Software Development

Monaghan Institute developed another link to industry for the Software Development students as they participated in a Virtual Visit and professional development discussion with Tony Sherry CTO, service delivery manager and client manager with CelticQA Solutions.

CelticQA Solutions are a Software Testing company previously based in Dundalk and Atlanta USA, however they are now independent of onsite activities and offer ‘work from home’ opportunities for all employees. Tony is a past graduate of Computing Science at Monaghan Institute who progressed on to DKIT, completing a Degree programme prior to commencing employment as a Software Tester. Tony was able to speak first-hand to the students of Monaghan Institute about the entry points to access a job in the software testing industry, the importance of developing your skillset and portfolio to best demonstrate your adaptability to work in a rapidly expanding industry and professional conduct when applying for a job: “The interview commences from the moment you send in the application”.

Using Microsoft Teams and interactive technology available in Monaghan Institute for teaching and learning, the Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development students had the opportunity to speak to Tony directly and hear the technical and soft skills required to work in the Software Testing Industry. Tony outlined the diversity of roles within the IT industry and the potential to traverse roles within Software Development, Software Testing and IT Operations, by developing specific skills and applying ingrained personal skills. Discussing the technical aspects of Software testing, including the common tools and processes, the students of Monaghan Institute gained a valuable insight into an occupation which spans all areas of IT development and other industries, as IT has become central to all solutions and service provisions, particularly in the current pandemic scenarios.

Tony went further to provide the students with valuable learning resources and guidance for the best methods to enhance their own learning experiences and future employability, outlining the potential for some opportunities which may arise with CelticQA in the future. The provision of an English-speaking workforce to cater for an expanding US and European market, the desire to enhance the high-level IT technical skills profile of the local Monaghan economy with ‘Work from Home’ prospects and the continued learning and professional development opportunities, ensured a positive interest and feedback from the Level 5 and Level 6 Software Development students.

Further meetings are planned with CelticQA Solutions in the New Year, with the opportunity for students to meet and chat to an automation engineer from one of the software testing departments. The Software Development staff and students at MI are extremely grateful to Tony Sherry and CelticQA Solutions for the time and consideration provided, as it helps to underpin all of the classroom based learning and skills development and verifies the future opportunities to apply these new skills in a crucial and rapidly expanding industry, which is central to all Software and Systems development.