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Congratulations to the Academic and Sports Scholars at Monaghan Institute

In a celebration of academic and athletic excellence, Monaghan Institute is proud to announce the talented learners who have been awarded Scholarships this year. We offer congratulations to these bright minds and outstanding athletes whose dedication and hard work have set them apart.

Academic Scholars

Billy Rutledge, Deirbhile Keenan, Eoin Hunt, and Kerry Ann Smith are the academic scholars who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. These bright minds have not only excelled in their studies but have also exhibited a commitment to learning that is truly commendable.

Sport Scholars

On the sports front, Monaghan Institute is proud to recognise the outstanding achievements of Darragh Murray, Jason Brennan Allister, Dean Harvey, Sarah Warman, Harvey Colleran, Patrick Cumiskey, and Abbie McDonald Boyle. These athletes have not only showcased their athletic ability but have also demonstrated discipline, teamwork, and a passion for their respective sports that is inspiring.

MI extends a huge congratulations to all the scholars, acknowledging that their hard work and commitment have paid off. As they embark on their academic and athletic journeys, the community eagerly anticipates the incredible impact they will make. Whether in the classrooms or on the playing fields, these scholars are destined for success.

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