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Monaghan Institute Students attend Lyra at The Garage Theatre

Written by Pre-University Education and Teaching Learner Matthew McCaul

Our students recently attended a screening of Lyra in the Garage Theatre in Monaghan where they watched a moving piece on the life and death of Lyra Mc Kee, a journalist from Northern Ireland who it is believed was shot and killed by a dissident republic group known as the new I.R.A in Derry in April 2019.

Lyra McKee Documentary

Students truly enjoyed gaining insight into the life of Lyra through her work and experiences as well as her unique and thought-provoking approach to journalism. Lyra’s passion and love for her work was evident throughout the piece and the pain and suffering caused by her death was portrayed in an emotional and touching way that impacted everyone in the audience.

Students and staff at Monaghan Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board and the Garage Theatre for hosting the screening and especially thank Lyra’s sister Nicola for coming to the screening and answering students’ questions afterwards.


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