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Monaghan Institute launches Innovative Learning Support Hub for Students  

In 2023 Monaghan Institute opened its specialised Learning Support Hub, a facility that offers students a uniquely designed area for focused learning, academic support and a well-being space. The hub aims to address the diverse needs of students by providing a tranquil environment and personalised assistance accessible to all learners. 

No effort has been spared in crafting an area that caters to students who require a quiet space to concentrate and gain dedicated support in their personal and academic development. The innovative design of the Learning Support Hub incorporates noise-reduction measures, ample natural lighting, bespoke furniture and ergonomic seating, ensuring an atmosphere that promotes deep learning, uninterrupted focus and relaxation. 

“Our dedicated learning hub offers a variety of resources including private computer workstations, group areas for study groups and one-on-one tutoring/support sessions, as well as a designated quiet area when a safe space is needed.” said Karol Harvey, the college’s Guidance Counsellor. “This hub represents our commitment to fostering an inclusive educational experience accessible to all of our learners.” 

The Learning Support Hub offers more than just a serene environment. Dedicated learning support specialists provide assistance, guidance, and resources tailored to the unique needs of students.  

During the term our staff team were excited to showcase the new facilities to our Board of Management and demonstrate how we strive to push the boundaries in education and training. As Monaghan Institute continues to invest in the success of its students, the Learning Support Hub stands as a symbol of our commitment to nurturing the potential within each individual. 

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