Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is an entry-level IT professional certification from Microsoft that covers a range of IT Infrastructure, Developer and Database qualifications.  MTA is the essential first step for any individual looking to pursue a successful career in IT.

MTA exams are based on a high-demand industry career tracks and are designed by experts.  Therefore, this is the recommended certification for academic and workforce development institutions to deliver to candidates beginning a learning pathway towards a career in IT.  The certifications are in:

IT Infrastructure Developer
Windows Operating System Fundamentals – Exam 98-349 Software Development Fundamentals – Exam 98-361
Windows Server Admin Fundamentals – Exam 98-365 Web Development Fundamentals – Exam 98-363
Networking Fundamentals – Exam 98-366 .NET Fundamentals – Exam 98-372
Security Fundamentals – Exam 98-367 Gaming Development Fundamentals – Exam 98-374
Database HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals – Exam 98-375
Database Admin Fundamentals – Exam 98-364 Software Testing Fundamentals – Exam 98-379

Skills Analysis

To begin use MeasureUp as a Skills Analysis tool to identify your learning needs.

eLearning Resources

eLearning Resources for MTA are also available through LearnKey, follow the link and gain access through login details and codes available from Monaghan Institute