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MI student secures a place on the Bachelor of Arts/Masters in Home Economics teaching at St Angela’s, Sligo

Yvonne Sherry Reddin, who has just completed a QQI course in Applied Social Studies at Monaghan Institute will take up her place in St Angela’s, Sligo in September 2018 to commence the five year Home Economics teaching degree.

Yvonne reflects below on her learning journey.

“Having been a pastry chef for many years, I really loved my job. But, I always regretted not doing better at school. I really wanted to go back to college and further my educational qualifications. Having been made redundant in 2013, I found myself in a position that afforded me this opportunity. Monaghan Institute had just began offering the Level 5 Applied Social Studies and Psychology course and I was offered a place. Psychology, Social Studies, Young People and Society and Human Growth and Development were just some of the modules I was excited to be covering.

After taking a break to start a family, when Monaghan Institute began offering the Level 6 Advanced certificate in Social Studies, I jumped at the chance to return and continue with my studies. The course content was extremely interesting, studying Mental Health Awareness, Disability Awareness, Person-Centred Planning and Rehabilitation Practices.

Throughout my studies, I was also provided an opportunity to develop further my interest’s in food and healthy eating, which were covered in the Nutrition and Health Promotion modules during the course.

When I heard about the QQI-FET link that was developed between Monaghan Institute and St Angela’s College, Sligo, providing a direct entry route to the Bachelor of Arts/Professional Masters in Home Economics teaching, I was delighted. I now had a way of utilising my food and nutrition skillset and combining it with my interests in Psychology, Social Studies and working with young people, including those with disabilities and learning difficulties.

The Access to post-primary teaching (APT) project, offered sample workshops both in Monaghan Institute and in St Angela’s Sligo, as an insight into the course content which would be covered upon entry into the University. I was given the chance to explore the Psychology and Pedagogy, theory and practice of teaching. Also, a textile workshop and an academic writing workshop, which focused on a journal article written by the head of the Home Economics department in St Angela’s. For the final workshop, we were invited to Sligo to cater for the Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD. There I got an opportunity to experience first hand what college life would be like, which only confirmed for me that this course would be the right direction for me to continue my educational journey.

Having achieved the academic requirements of the APT project and through the support, tutelage and time invested in my work by the very caring and superb staff at Monaghan Institute, I have secured my place at St Angela’s in Sligo beginning September 2018. In becoming a Home Economics teacher and realising my potential, I may also have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life just as the tutors in Monaghan Institute have made in mine.” Yvonne Sherry Reddin

Note: The APT project with St Angela’s, Sligo applies to the following courses at Monaghan Institute – Applied Social Studies, Liberal Arts, Early Childhood Care & Education, Food Science, Health & Nutrition.

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