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CodeWeek EU 2018 MI Launch

MI launched EU Codeweek 2018 with an entertaining and very informative guest speaker for the Level 5 Software Development students. Fulvio Romano a MSc Cyber Security student from the National College of Ireland and part time tutor with DKIT, introduced the Level 5 Software students to the interesting and challenging world of Cyber Security.

Fulvio discusssed many features from breaking encryptions and the simple software tools available for students to start learning these skills to the ethics and responsibilities of using this knowledge to make IT systems safer and more secure. Fulvio outlined his career and education path for the students by explaining how he started at Level 5 in Monaghan Institute and then progressed to DKIT and on to the Masters of Computer Science in Cyber Security with the National College of Ireland. Remembered as the Godfather of Games in MI, Fulvio displayed and emphasised the importance of enthusiasm in your studies and how to turn a hobby and interest into an exciting career.

Monaghan Institute continue their EU Codeweek 2018 with an open invitation for STE(A)M workshops using the Microsoft MicroBit in MI on Friday 26th October. Please contact or for more details.